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$35 a month

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How You Can Help
The average cost for a student at NLFY is $1450.00/month, of which most of our students are unable to provide for themselves. Rather than turning away hurting women and children because of the rising financial costs, we rely on the generosity of sponsors like you. By committing to either a monthly or one-time donation you are giving someone a chance for a New Life.



Many donors find the fair market value tax receipt of their vehicle exceeds the trade-in value! Proceeds from the sale of donated cars, mini-vans, trucks, boats, and RVs, have given hundreds of young men and adults an opportunity to change their lives. And some vehicles are used to help meet the program's many daily transportation needs.
Many of the donated vehicles are then sold at auctions. Vehicles that are not road worthy are also of value to our program! These vehicles are sold to recyclers in the area, and a significant portion of the program’s operational needs are met through the proceeds generated from the sale of donated vehicles.
One of the most rewarding ways many people contribute to New Life For Youth is to volunteer. We have a variety of possibilities if you're interested in giving some of your time. But be careful, once you spend time around New Life for Youth, you'll find it hard to leave! Ladies Guild -- These dedicated women plan events and perform many valuable acts of service at their local center. If you have construction skills there is always meaningful work for you at our centers.